Terms and Conditions

We offer online store vipshoes.ge, which allows customers to buy any product and get the fastest service.

Company rights and obligations:

With the change in the law and the internal policy of the company, we reserve the right to make changes to the content of the site, to which the user of the site agrees unconditionally.
When registering on our site, we give you the right to contact you electronically and provide you with information tailored to the situation
The site allows you to post comments that must comply with ethical standards and do not infringe on the rights of third parties
The Company reserves the right to have it publicly reviewed or deleted if necessary
It is prohibited to use the company Edres logo and trademark on other websites, meta tags, print media or other information space without our prior written consent
Because, the product is sold in real and virtual stores in parallel, there is a probability that while viewing the product on the site and adding it to the cart, it will be sold in the store. The company will provide you with information about this during the ordering process
In the event that the system denies you a transaction and provides you with information about the non-existence of the product of your choice, you agree to receive this information in accordance with the existing agreement.
We undertake to duly fulfill the obligation to the customer to process and deliver the order on time

User rights and obligations:

Before placing an order on the site, the user must register and then log in
To express their opinion on social networks in accordance with ethical norms
Request to receive the purchased item within the prescribed period
Do not accept defective products and request its exchange for products of the same or higher value
The Company is not obligated to use an unauthorized user name and password by another person. If another unauthorized person enters your website and uses the service, you must notify the company to take appropriate action.
The customer must provide accurate information in order for his order to reach the exact recipient
Delivery takes place within 2 working days in case of cash payment by the customer in the store as well as home delivery in any part of Georgia.
If you do not receive the item within 7 days you have the right to express your position and request immediate receipt of your product.
The cost of courier service is 5 GEL in any region